I have been with Isabelle three times to Katie's Ranch and have noticed how much more confident Isabelle has become. We really enjoy the car ride there as it’s all in the countryside and the Ranch is a beautiful, peaceful place to be. The time goes so quickly and we are so happy there. Katie is a marvellous instructress and communicates with so much patience and understanding.

“Katie, thank you so much for all you are doing with the girls. I know they may seem like they have it all together when we're with you, however last week in the car on the way there, they were telling me they didn't love me and I wouldn't love them forever. While we were with you Jessica's face was a picture, she just beamed when she got onto Lulu and Laura's little chuffed with herself face while she tries not to smile is just lovely. On the way home they told me they loved me – and going to bed Laura told me I was the best mum in the world – I put it entirely down to getting a boost of self esteem with you and Lulu! They really enjoy coming.”

All my life I have been walking about, looking up at all sorts of people. Some slow, some fast, some tall, some small, but all of them bigger than I am. But one day, things changed in my life.  I met Murphy. Murphy is a brown horse, not just any old brown horse. Murphy is the nicest, kindest horse in the world and he is really handsome, he is very clean, which you can tell by his lovely white socks! He is very kind and one day we became very good friends. It all started one Wednesday afternoon. We were introduced, and I was allowed a little ride on him, he gently trotted along and I soon felt very safe and comfortable. At last I was not just a little girl.  I was riding high.  I was the tallest I have ever been. Murphy has helped me to feel that I can do and be a lot more than I ever thought possible.  I feel really confident about myself.  Watch out world, here I come!!!!

What the Ranch means to me  It’s a safe place, one place I don’t feel like an outsider because although Katie runs it, it’s like everyone belongs, it’s like being part of a family, you can just be you without being judged and it’s ok you are free to make mistakes and you don’t have to feel afraid. It’s somewhere to breathe, get some headspace when life is hectic. It’s a place of refreshing. It’s such an amazing honour to help and see the way the ponies interact with the children (and adults), at the end of the day the ponies are the stars, their gentle & sensitive ways enable them to go places that humans can’t, (they are good listeners and pick up on what is unsaid which is just as, if not more important than what is said) They show love, build trust and enable healing. The Ranch is a place where hope lives.